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Well, so far there's been no verdict in the Wesley Snipes tax evasion case. Those consistent readers of The Mo'Kelly Report already know that Mo'Kelly has followed this case very closely.

Well, maybe not "very" closely, but very intrigued nonetheless to see how it will come out. After talking to a number of tax experts in a variety of specialties, there is no consensus on how this might end up.

Some believe that Snipes will be able to cut a deal and avoid jail time, the premise being that since the government had to prove wrongdoing AND intent, there might be room for Snipes to wiggle.

On the other hand, some believe that the size of the tax liability and the government's supposed efforts to handle this issue PRIOR to it becoming a court issue only strengthens the government's case as to intent.

Also, if you look at precedent in terms of how the IRS has never had any "trouble" putting high profile stars in jail (Black or White), the odds are not on Snipes' side. It may not translate to an extended sentence, but 12-18 months in jail is not out of the question either.

They gave Ron Isley 3 years...so don't think the IRS would blink to give Wesley at least half of that.


Note: in the picture above, Snipes is signing autographs at the courthouse...in his Kente cloth tie. Man, he's really pulling out all the stops in his "pro-Black" defense strategy.

Mo'Kelly's added a poll in the left column for readers to weigh in on...tell me what you think about the future of Wesley Snipes. (Feedreader subscribers must visit www.mokellyreport.blogspot.com to vote)

Other celebrities caught up in IRS scandals are noted HERE.

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Eric said...


Dr. Wright said...

ok, found not guilty!

The Mo'Kelly Report said...

OK, Mo'Kelly speechless. I will email him now...see if he wants to come on and clown me.

Mo'Kelly owes him that.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Snipes Interview! Check this video! http://yetmorefun.net/mov.php?v=Wesley_Snipes_Video_Interview

James said...

And his big comeback will be....http://www.holytaco.com/2008/04/24/wesley-snipes-goes-to-jail/

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