From the DNC - Day 3

The inimitable Jeffrey Wright...Academy Award lying in wait.

Former Secretary of State - Madeleine Albright

Jesse Jackson was in rare '84 form. He's still got it...don't trip.

Georgia Congressman John Lewis. He was the keynote speaker at the 1963 March on Washington. 45 years later, almost to the day...as he told the story of his journey from then to now...tears rolled down his cheek. Not a dry eye in the house! POWERFUL!

Actor Blair Underwood...and yes Mo'Kelly knows his camera sux...problems, problems, problems. But women were ALL about Blair...still. Mo'Kelly wants to be an actor when he grows up.

Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss

And big ups to TV-One for letting Mo'Kelly crash their after-party tonight. Musiq Soulchild KILLED IT! That Brotha is better live than recorded, no joke. You MUST see him when his tour hits your town. Anybody who was in the house tonight knows Mo'Kelly ain't lyin! That concert was OFF THE CHAINS!

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LennieG said...

You are representing well, Mo!

Monie said...

I had something reasonably intelligent to say, then I saw that pic of Jeffrey Wright and my mind went blank....wow he's cute!

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