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Be sure to visit The Mo'Kelly Report during the the Democratic National Convention as Mo'Kelly will be blogging from the floor of this historic DNC. There will be pictures, commentary and of course random acts of foolishness. Let's just say...none of this will you be seeing on CNN...and you all will be the better for it. The posts will be coming fast and furious during the week, so be sure to check back consistently every evening for a look behind the scenes at the DNC.

The Mo'Kelly Report
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SANKOFA said...

Whoever designed the DNCC logo should not have used the letter "O" instead of the number "0" because the letter "O" next to the 8 makes the 8 look out of proportion and backwards to the eye. (which you can not do)

Gua said...

Hey Mo, I'll be watching, I'm looking forward to some good insight on the white female resistance movement!!!

LennieG said...

I know you will report the good, bad and ugly!

The Mo'Kelly Report said...

I'm anticipating having some great pictures...my 'boss' is taping his TV and radio shows separately, meaning when he's taping his TV show I should have time to get some great behind the scenes pix and general lay of the land.

It's one thing to describe what's going on...it's another to show. I want to do more showing than describing.

Yes, I'll be going to the RNC too...which also should be QUITE interesting. Not historical for obvious reasons, but quite interesting.

LennieG said...

Well pictures are worth a thousand words so it's all good.

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