Republicans Play 'Magic Negro' Card - BRAVO!

If you were unsure of either why Republicans lost or why Republicans seemed out of touch with the American electorate, here is exhibit 1a. Although the politics of yesteryear, replete with racism and anti-Americanism clearly contributed to the demise of the Republican party in 2008, some folks clearly didn't get the message.

Chip Saltsman, a candidate for RNC Chairman took it upon himself to send out a parody CD to RNC members, containing among others the song Barack the Magic Negro.

I'm going to forego the long, reasoned soliloquy and simply take the path of least resistance and respond with a singular question.


"Why Chip...Why?"

Why in the world would anyone running to helm the Republican National Committee find it a good idea to associate him/herself in any way with the very politics leading to the demise of the party?

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic with the level of Republican stupidity here...but it still begs the obvious question, "why?"

Of course, there are those will argue tooth and nail that the song is simply a parody, as are the others contained on it. But this "why" question doesn't have anything to do with whether Saltsman "could" or "has the right" to send out a CD with/without racially insensitive material. The question is simply "why" in the world would you?

Bravo Neocons...keep on shooting your NRA selves squarely in the ass. Why wait until 2012 to ruin that election too?! You have to love the long-range planning vision of its potential "leadership." Nothing like sinking the Republican party further into the abyss while campaigning for Chairman!

Why Chip...why?


Why would you do it when given the tremendous failure of such tactics against Barack Obama, you Chip offer more of the same? Why would you do it when the moderates of the base were in no way galvanized and in fact were put off by such tactics? Instead of offering "new" (no, I won't use the word "progressive), Chip instead offered the worst definition of conservatism. He reaffirmed that the Republican party is still not a party of inclusion and it is the still the same party which has waved the flag of Dixiecrat Republicanism since Strom Thurmond.


For their short-sighted troubles, this multi-cultural America smacked them squarely in the mouth. Not that I'm mad about it, but it begs the simple question.

Why Chip...Why? (Rolling on the floor laughing)

Personally, I'm encouraged. If the RNC is silly enough to elect Saltsman, it only likely ensures the further failure of the party. Bravo Chip...Bravo.

(And P.S. Chipper...it's "Mr. President" to you...)

ELECT CHIP SALTSMAN! Republican leadership 'we' need!

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ZACK said...

Thank you Mo'Kelly! But I looked so hard for a picture of ol' ugly Chip when I posted about this yesterday. And nothing is UGLIER than what he did. Unfortunately, he proves what we were saying about the Repubs all along- most of them are racists but not all.

I wish the "Magic Negro" would make some of these dumb Republicans disappear.

BriTonya said...

This is so sad. (SMH) When I heard this story, I was not surprised. Upset and offended...yes, but surprised? No.

LennieG said...

This Chip character is simply trash.

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